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Christ Church is committed to serving everyone and making them feel welcome. Our disability inclusion ministry provides support and resources to those with disabilities to ensure their full and active participation in all aspects of church life.  We invite you to join us and find your place within our diverse and welcoming community.

Our children's ministry provides a safe and nurturing environment for kids to learn about God's love through engaging activities and age-appropriate teaching. Our youth are encouraged to lead and serve through worship and community service projects, gaining valuable leadership experience along the way. Our women's ministry and men's service ministry provide opportunities for fellowship, growth, and service within the church and the wider community.

Children's Ministry

Parents can choose to have children from age 0-12 remain with them in the worship service or join one of our specialized programs in the nursery or JAM (Jesus and Me) classes. These classes are also inclusive of special needs children.

Women's Ministry

Our Gals for God women's ministry leads our church in many of our mission efforts. They are committed to spiritual growth and serving women and children. Social and spiritual gatherings focus on raising funds and awareness for our childrens’ home, food pantry, and prison ministry.

Volunteer Groups

Honey Dudes is our Men's service ministry that frequently helps elderly persons stay in their homes with maintenance projects or helps needy persons with moving to new residence. They welcome new volunteers or request for help via email. 


We ensure that everyone can fully participate in the joy of collective worship. Closed captioning, assistive listening devices. and wheel chair and walker mobility are a starting place. Children with disability are welcome to stay with caregivers in worship or join one of our inclusive classes.

Youth Ministry

Teens and older children are encouraged to find a place of ministry at Christ Church. You will find them greeting worshippers at the door, operating livestream cameras, serving Communion, lighting altar candles, reading Scriptures, and leading prayers. Behind the scenes, they are leading service projects and making decisions on our Administrative Board. 

Pastoral Support

Pastor Jeremiah is available for premarital and couples counseling, spiritual direction and support, mental health support, and pastoral care. The schedule link below allows for private scheduling of counseling sessions during daytime hours or email him to schedule evening sessions. 

Building Houses
Music and Tech Ministry

We always need new people to serve in music ministry as vocalists and instrumentalists. Our tech team also needs camera operators, audio techs, slideshow operators, and livestream techs. 

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