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Experience God

Our worship services are a celebration of both tradition and innovation. We integrate contemporary music with historic prayers to create a worship experience that is both engaging and transformative. Come and experience the beauty of an encounter with God and feel the power of community and connection.



inspired preaching

We strive to create a truly dynamic and inclusive community centered around worship, faith, and spiritual growth. Pastor Jeremiah Gibbs holds a PhD in theology and delivers engaging and challenging sermons that encourage us to think more deeply about our faith. You will leave each week with a determination to live more faithfully and encouraged by the grace that God gives you to do it. 

Our worship

Livestream or watch the recording anytime

We hope that you will want to join us in person when you can. But if your schedule, travel, or illness prevent you from joining us in person, then watch online to get the spiritual nourishment you need. 

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