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Research shows that knowing caring adults empowers teenagers to embrace faith long after they leave. The Lilly Endowment funded National Study of Youth and Religion found that "youth group" had almost no impact on people's faith when they are in their 20's. They learned that what matter for teens for the long haul is the faith of their parents and being deeply known by the adults of their congregation.  At Christ Church, we're not just waiting for that future; we're building it, brick by brick, with a vibrant youth ministry that fosters real connections and meaningful leadership opportunities.

Our children and teens aren't just faces in the pews. They're budding leaders, creative minds, and compassionate hearts. We believe that every encounter leaves a mark, every conversation matters, and every spark of inspiration has the power to shape a life. Join us in creating a church where young people are embraced, empowered, and known, setting the stage for a generation of vibrant faith leaders.


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